Intuitive consulting
An inspiring and enjoyable way to welcome the natural flow of life.

This program has been very successful by streamlining the ac­tion process. By tuning into the energy of the individual and/or Company or Organization. Tuning into what is easiest and what inspired steps will be successful helps make this program in­valuable to businesses and personal lives.

The program is not based on “work” but instead its about align­ing & attracting so that all can come in quickly and abundantly in a wonderfully balanced way keeping you in the center of your life.

Major change is possible in a short period of time when a clear intent is mixed with natural alignment.

Sky is the Limit:

    • Awaken your inspiration.
    • Increase personal and business income.
    • Energize productivity.
    • Create a new business.
    • Revive existing business­es.
    • Expand your opportuni­ties.

Intuitive Consulting for Business

Suzanne uses a vibrationally-based method to tune into the energy of businesses and illuminates innovative techniques to increase growth. This method brings in connection to the heavenly realm and gives your business divine support. You will find that things fall into place more easily and that processes feel like they are in the “flow”.

  • Provides guidance in staff and leadership development.
  • Offers insight into potential client/ business partnerships and M&As.
  • Assists management in identifying potential time and labor-saving areas.
  • Illuminates ways for gaining higher returns on investments.
  • Works with HR, Sales, Product Development and Research departments to realize unrestricted productivity.
Investment: Book Now Introductory special of $9000 for 3 months (12 sessions total) and $4,500 per month afterwards.

Intuitive Consulting for Personal

Learn how to rely on your own inner guidance and use your intuitive ability to create the life and career you truly wish to have. Through Suzanne’s intuition and direction you will understand how to hear the voice of your own heart and integrate your desires into joyful day to day activities that will bring you ultimate success.

  • Maximize your confidence and awareness by using your own authentic inner guidance system in all situations.
  • Develop an effective, personalized plan towards attracting clarity and abundance back into your life.
  • Weekly recap of goals and easy action steps to ensure joyful and productive results.
  • Learn how to recognize, simple solutions to living an uncomplicated and balanced life
Investment: $9000 for 3 months (12 sessions total) Book Now