Meditations for Small, Mid to Large Size Organizations

Meditation whether it is onsite or remote can have a wonderful benefit to employees to reset throughout their busy day. Meditation gives the individual the ability to recenter quickly so that they can be clearer and more at peace.

Join us online for weekly 20 minute Meditations here or call (949)325-3055 to book a corporate event.

Intuitive Consulting for Business Executives

Take your business or organization to the next level with the help of the Heavenly beings that are dedicated to assist you. This is for the whole of your business and/or organization with you as the natural leader. 

Whether you are in charge of a large business or it is just you starting up, as you are connected to this brilliance, the “skies” open up. Pro-visions can come from this infinite space quickly, better and more harmonic for all. You will connect to great people to work and partner with and most importantly you can feel more joy for yourself as you go along.  


As you state what you want to happen, I receive messages that can help you grow and also enjoy your business along the way experiencing more clarity and confidence. From my Executive Placement Agency experience, I am knowledgeable in many different aspects of business and organizations. Heaven puts that all together integrating your personal vision into easy weekly steps.

So join me and let your heart lead your business to more success, harmony and peace with infinite help as your team.

Book now for Suzanne (Call/Text 949.325.3055 for open times and availability).

$9000/3 months (12 Sessions by phone) Zelle, Check or CC

Private Intuitive-Readings

Book a session with Suzanne a gifted Intuitive, that can help you find answers and  clarity for any part of your life — relationship, career, peace, harmony, wellbeing, and more!

Connecting to the Other Side-Readings

Loved ones on the other side are here to assist us in so many ways. Suzanne is able to connect to your loved ones and give messages of hope and encouragement to continue with your vision while here on Earth.

Group Readings

Group Intuitive or Connecting to the Other Side Readings are available for 2 or more persons. There is a 2 hour minimum for Group Readings.

$250 per hour Book Now Call for Group readings 949.325.3055 or email: Zoom or person (Southern, CA).


A powerful way to remove anything that keeps you from “feeling stuck” anything that you currently feel blocked, fearful or is a struggle for you, it doesn’t matter what it is.

There is an amazing technique called Clarifeyes™ It is an energetic technique that can support you during these unpredictable times by helping you step into your power and connect with your Divine Self. As you become aligned with yourself, resistant patterns can naturally release and fall away, allowing you to feel more clarity and ease no matter what is happening around you.

Clients are having wonderful results with Clarifeyes™ for weight loss, relationships, money, career, health, fears and phobias. Usually one session is enough, but occasionally it might take additional sessions depending on the person and the block.

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$250 45 minutes  Remote with zoom or in person in Orange County, CA

Merkaba Reiki Sessions

We offer private Merkaba Reiki Energy Sessions that can promote wellness and relaxation while gently balancing the body and mind. These sessions work with wholeness and can be a powerful ally for restoration and continual health.

If you are facing something challenging with your body, let Reiki show you what is possible by lovingly opening up and balancing your body from a different perspective.

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$250 per Session Sign up

$1800 1 month (2 times a week 8 Sessions) Sign up

$3500 2 months (2 times a week 12 Sessions) Sign up

$4800 3 months (2 times a week 24 Sessions) Sign up

Remote or in person in Orange County, CA


Corporate Reiki Wellness Program for Optimum Performance™

Wellness Program for Optimum Performance™ gives your employees a chance to experience the wonderful benefits of Reiki Sessions throughout their busy day. Reiki Brillance offers on-site sessions at your office with the ability to conduct sessions in a small space such as a spare room or conference room. Individual sessions can fit into employee schedule. We use comfortable state of the art Zero Gravity chairs for treatments. Afterwards, the person feels rejuvenated, balanced, centered, and ready to work.

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Cancellation Policy:
72 hour notice is required to re-schedule an appointment There are no refunds on missed, no shows or cancelled appointment, coursework or classes.
We have no cancellation policy for any programs after the first 72 hours that you sign up and/or make payment. If you choose to withdraw from any program after the initial 72 hours time frame, you forfeit all monies that you paid to Direct Intuition.