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Connect with your angels guides and loved ones in person or phone reading. Everyone has a vibrational "fingerprint." Through that energy, Suzanne is able to connect with you and also those who you are connected to as well such as your guides, loved ones and angels to help with enlightenment.
½ hour $175   &  1 hour $225

Intuitive Readings
Intuitive Consulting

This can be the year that your goals and dreams become a reality.
Spiritual Consulting agrees with the philosophy of the movie "The Secret" Abraham-Hicks, Tony Robbins and numerous others of you attract what you focus on, known as "The Law of Attraction."

May this be the year that you truly focus on your desires and commit to bringing them (or even something better) into your reality.

Spiritual Consulting is working with your guides (angels) in 4 weekly 1/2 hour readings and two ½ hour follow up consultations for the purpose of not only successfully directing your life to living on purpose but implementing it as well. Major change is possible in a short period of time when the intent is mixed with action.
8 sessions - $6000.


A powerful way to remove anything that keeps you from "feeling stuck" anything that you currently feel blocked, fearful or is a struggle for you, it doesn't matter what it is.

I personally benefited from this process to "reprogram" my beliefs to be able to stand in front of class with ease and joy. (This used to be a huge fear of .).

I am given the ability to act as a host in holding the understanding that you are Divine. During the session my knowingness transfers to your mind to activate an empowered belief for whatever area or thought that you had forgotten your truth.

Through the process, using the eyes, I guide you to release and replace a negative charge with a positive charge, first remove and neutralize the energy of the limited belief and then replace it with an empowered thought pattern.

Recently, I have been given the rest of the pieces that enables the whole process to be done telepathically completely removing the need to talk about or even remember the original trauma.

This usually can be done in one session though sometimes it might take a few because as you remove it in one area you might have limited beliefs in other areas that you want to remove as well.
This can be done in person in Orange County, CA. If you are not local it can be done over the computer via Skype, (a free video conferencing software www.skype.com.)
$250/ per session

Reiki Certification Courses by The Academy of Reiki
All Reiki classes are offered through the  The Academy of Reiki in the Southern California region.

As the medical profession is looking into new methods of wellness and healing, increased interest in "alternative" methods has been expanding in recent years. Traditional institutions are currently in the process of exploring "Eastern" medicine techniques which focus on treating the patient in a holistic approach that encompasses all levels of the body such as the physical, spiritual, mental etc.
A component of the National Institute of Health, The National Center for Complementary and Alternative Medicine (NCCAM) currently lists Reiki as an Energy Therapy. Reiki is listed under Biofield energy describing it as "a method intended to affect energy fields that purportedly surround and penetrate the human body." There has been a recent study that estimates over one million U.S. adults have received one or more Reiki treatments and that number is growing exponentially.

Although, Reiki has an incredible benefit to others, it can be taken for the sole purpose of working on individual energy as well. It is widely reported that after attending the classes personal intuition increases. It can also be a great aid in improving one's wellness through self treatments as well as conducting treatment to others. So whether you are planning on offering treatments to others, not sure, or you are just interested in adjusting to clearer intuition, Reiki Certification classes can result in a great personal benefit as well as increasing the vibration of the planet as a whole.

click here for more information, Class levels and Fees

Reiki is not intended to replace medical treatment. Although Reiki energy is always positive energy, consult your medical doctor first.

Full Private Reiki Sessions by Suzanne Banken

Working with Reiki energy can greatly assist the body in natural healing and create an overall sense of wellbeing and peace. When the mind is stressed it creates toxins in the body that can cause it to break down, resulting in illness. By expanding the energy back out again it gives the body the opportunity to come back into its natural wellness. (Reiki Drumming can be included upon request at no additional charge.)

These sessions are given by appointment (Reiki can also be done remotely, if combined with ATP, but you must have access to a computer and Skype.) You can also combine the Reiki Session with a personal reading or ATP.

Private Reiki Session $175
3 Reiki Sessions for $450)
Reiki & a Reading $325 or Reiki & ATP $275

Private Reiki Sessions
Cleansing & Clearing your Home or any Physical Space

There is an amazing technique that works in creating a wonderful energetic space whether it is in your home and/or business. You might notice that the minute you walk into a space you sense peace or chaos and want to leave. The reason is that Energy is created and can stay in a physical space for some time, just like the lingering essence of perfume on a person, the thoughts and energies of people stay behind as well. Over time stagnant energy accumulates just like dirt and dust in a home and by periodic cleaning the whole place can feel different.

Cleansing your space can be powerful in setting the mood or tone for not only yourself but anyone else. By clearing and setting up the space people notice improvement with relationships, increased creativity, and just an overall feeling and a sense of peace with all including pets.

This is a wonderful technique to be done when:

  • The space doesn't feel good or feels heavy to you.
  • You lose enthusiasm after spending time in that space.
  • Moving into a new space
  • Moving out of a space or wanting to sell a home
  • Having a party at your home
  • Before and after visitors
  • If there were recent arguments in the home or business
  • There has been a feeling of unrest or stress
  • Blessing a baby's or child's or anyone's room to foster more peaceful sleep
  • Desiring to increase creativity for expanding business

This process is done in person where the rooms are cleansed and then set with a new energy. The cleansing process can use different methods such as: salt, sage, drumming, feathers and singing bowls. It is also a great idea to have this done periodically to keep the space energized for peace, and experiencing an ongoing feeling of wellness and joy. *

Call/email me to schedule an appointment to cleanse and bless your space increasing the joy of living in your environment. Price includes travel within Orange County. (An additional travel charge will apply for other locations in Southern CA.)

$125 for 3 rooms (Three personal areas in addition to the common areas.)
$15 for each additional room
Outside area an additional $50.

You can also schedule a personal Chakra Balancing session during this visit for $40.
Additional Stones and Crystals available to purchase

*Monthly maintenance service is also available

Space Cleansing

Cancellation Policy:
72 hour notice is required to re-schedule an appointment There are no refunds on missed, no shows or cancelled appointment, coursework or classes.
We have no cancellation policy for any programs after the first 72 hours that you sign up and/or make payment. If you choose to withdraw from any program after the initial 72 hours time frame, you forfeit all monies that you paid to Suzanne and/or Academy of Reiki.

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