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CHAKRA MEDITATION - $20.00 (Upon purchase, will be emailed to you as a downloadable file)
An amazingly relaxing and rejuvenating 20 minute guided mediation created by Suzanne Banken.
By experiencing the Chakra Mediation, you can easily and effortlessly open & expand your eight main chakras while connecting to the earth and the heaven.
Background music:Beyond the body - by Robin Duncan.
You We I - $20.00 (Upon purchase, will be emailed to you as a downloadable file)
You We I is a 19 minute meditation of remembering who you are as a Divine Being created by Suzanne Banken. This CD is great for a boost in coming back to full expansion in empowered living. <
Creating Income - $20 - Creating Audio Download (Upon purchase, will be emailed to you as a downloadable file)
This recording should be listening to at a volume low enough that you consciously do not hear the words, it is designed to play to inspire and expand your ability to create income. It can help program the mind to magnetize expansion of Income.
The following Channeled Recordings are available for purchase.
$15 each or $25 for 2

These recording vary in length, mostly are about an hour and were recorded on location with a live audience, therefore some background noise is to be expected.

Being Courageous for Peace
Channeling from Archangel Ariel
Ariel talks about what to expect for 2012 and how to have the courage to live in peace. She wants us to liken ourselves as a Lion when we set ourselves in our desires and like a lion when you see the tail twitching back and forth fixed on the prize (our abundant lives) you know that it will happen. Included are Q & A's from the audience.

Living Life Freely
Channeling from Jesus
This channeling is about what the life of Jesus was really about and the true example that was left for all. He talks about what the Cross was for and becoming triumphant in life in all area's including the physical body. Included are Q & A's from the audience.

Being the Wife of Jesus
Channeling from Mary Magdalene
In these delightful recordings Mary talks about the role she played in the life of Jesus. During channeling you will have opportunity to feel the love that Mary felt towards everyone and everything. (There are two channelings of Mary available please indicate which channeling by 1 or 2). Included are Q & A's from the audience.

The History of Atlantis
Channeling from CeLone
CeLone was one of the beings who worked in the Healing Temples during the time of Atlantis. She talks openly about how Atlantis came about and the creation of the Earth and how it is today. She also talks about Lumeria and Atlantis and what they were to each other. Included are Q & A's from the audience.

The Power of Emotions
Channeling from Isis
This recording is about owning your Power with Emotions. How to live in a life of clarity incorporating listening and honoring all levels of yourself especially your emotions. Included are Q & A's from the audience.

All There is, is Love
Channeling from Buddha
A delightful reminder that we are love and that everyone is of One Mind (OM) in love. There is a toning where the words OM are said to help the body vibrate to Love. Included are Q & A's from the audience.

The Beautiful Flow of Life
Channeling from Quan Yin
In this channeling Quan Yin talks about having our lives flow like a river and how to live in a easy flowing manner more from day to day. Included are Q & A's from the audience.

Living a Balanced Life
Channeling from Ma'at
Ma at is an Egyptian Goddess that is all about balance. In this channeling she talks about how to experience more balance in everyday life. Included are Q & A's from the audience.
Channeled Messages

Chakra crystal bag CHAKRA CRYSTAL SET - $20.00 plus shipping & handling
Each set contains a silk bag with 8 Crystals and Crystal description, corresponding with each Chakra. These crystals are the perfect size to lay on or around the body for yourself while meditating or to use on others when conducting energy treatments. The chakra crystals have been blessed with Reiki Energy.

Chakra gridding bag CRYSTAL GRIDDING SET - $15.00 plus shipping & handling
Gridding is a wonderful technique that can be used to amplify and hold a high vibration around a person place or thing. This wonderful set includes 7 crystal points, a diagram and instructions of the placement of a grid that represents wellbeing inside a cognac silk pouch. These crystals have been blessed with Reiki Energy.

Both sets make great gifts for yourself and others.
gem  Crystals and Stones have amazing energy that can be used in so many ways to enhance our lives. They are living things that are eager to assist us in making our lives feel better so that we can experience more joy and balance. They have so many uses that there is no end to what you can use them for.
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