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As a healing practitioner and a client, I have used and tried many different modalities. However the biggest and fastest results that I have had to date are with ATP. I had a Skype session with Suzanne and by the next day I was able to overcome major procrastination and inertia to do a major house clearing and decluttering that changed the energy in my home drastically! Our second session was on a Saturday, focused on bringing in money. By Sunday, I learned that we are receiving $10,000. We have since used ATP to instantly release me from severe anxiety and fear.
I am so grateful to Suzanne and her gift of healing, she has changed my life for the better.
Elisa Greenburg

Suzanne Banken's "Creating Income" course is a humdinger you don't want to miss. It was so effective for me that I received over the time frame of the course two envelopes of cash and a check with an amount in the upper five digits!!! But really the foremost amazing thing about Ms. Suzanne is the complete lack of getting in her student's way, by this I mean no jealousy, no competitiveness, just excitement and sheer joy in seeing her students' experience success and owning their power to manifest their desires. And it is this that makes her a truly remarkable teacher/facilitator. Take the course, see what happens!

What can I say about Suzanne that could possibly describe her worthiness as a teacher/guide and tremendously enlightened insights? As a Reiki teacher she introduced me to the power of intention and opened my eyes to the world beyond my third-dimensional senses. When she showed me the vibrational world of crystals my experience and awareness broadened further than I knew possible. It wasn’t until my first Angel class that I even began to realize the significant value that her years of meditation, observations and study would have on my own meditation and self actualization process. I have since taken at least 11 amazing classes from her all spanning a little over 3 years and anxiously await the next ones. She has remained a most-connected mentor throughout my journey while helping to reveal my own lighted path to communicating with the highest consciousness. And truly, there is an unmatched ability in Suzanne to understand how energy works and to communicate it in an enlightened, objective manner with clarity and abundance - and I guess it is really that simple.
- Colleen Bell Wiley, Usui & Karuna Reiki Master Teacher, Elemental Reflexologist, co-founder of Gatehouse
Connection Holistic Center Akron, Ohio.

There are no words in our language to explain how much Suzanne has helped me in my path. She was my Reiki Teacher and I have taken several other classes with her. Suzanne has a way of explaining the messages she receives in such a loving and clear way to help you understand where you are and where you are going. During all of the classes and unfoldment in my path she has played a huge part in helping me to get where I am at. I would highly recommend Suzanne with any of her services.
-Sarah L. Co-Founder of the Gatehouse Connection Holistic Center in Ohio

Direct Intuition is the perfect way to describe Suzanne and her wor k . Suzanne helps bring me to new heights and depths in the spiritual unfolding process. What a joy!
-K.Noelle, M.A. Education

"I love Suzanne's classes. They're always amazingly insightful and empowering.

Suzanne has a phenomenal gift as an intuitive reader, teacher, channeler, and healer. Couple these spiritual gifts with the spunkiness, kindness and generosity of her personality on this earth plane make working with her pure and honest joy.

I am a Reiki Master Drumming Teacher. All of the Reiki Drumming classes were fantastic. I had so much fun. The drumming works very quickly on opening up the chakras and clearing things that are no longer needed. It makes it much easier to heal on clients. All of my clients enjoy the drumming. I am so grateful that I took the classes with Suzanne.

Suzanne has been a blessing in my life! I was led to her classes 1˝ years ago and began to learn how to open my gifts. Being able "see" the world from a different perspective has given me incredible peace and joy. I've also appreciated the private sessions I've had with Suzanne as the counsel received through her has been of great benefit and helped me when I felt "stuck" in certain situations. Suzanne is wonderfully gifted and helped our family immensely to realize how my grandson with a brain disorder sees this world. She is an excellent teacher who is truly living her divine path.
-Cathleen McCarthy

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